homemade apple cider

What to do with small, blemished apples not pretty enough for pies or eating whole? I’m making apple cider.


If you have a juicer, this is super simple.


Wash the apples.


Quarter the apples and throw them into the juicer — skins, cores, stems and all.


Run the apples through the juicer, and that’s it. The cider will last a couple weeks in the fridge.


It will ferment naturally, so be aware that you could get a bit of a buzz once that process happens. It could also get a bit sour — let your taste buds be your guide for when the cider is no longer drinkable.

You could also make apple cider vinegar from the apples, but not by simply letting the cider ferment past the alcohol stage. To make cider vinegar, you start with the chopped whole chunks of apples, add a sweetener like honey, add water, and let it ferment in a jar. At least that’s what I’ve read. I’ll have to try that with a future batch of apples.

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