market time

Crookneck Squash SeedlingsSeedlings are ready for the first farmers’ markets of the 2016 season. The Early Golden Crookneck Squash is already full of blooms.


The Purple Jalapeno and Goat Horn chilies I started March 22nd are doing great and ready to be transplanted. Only 3 of the Chocolate Habaneros I started March 16th made it to transplant stage. Of the 3, only one has survived. It seems to be doing well.


Tomatoes always thrive. The Cherokee Purples above I started from seed 3/28 are already 8″ tall. They are one of my favorite tomatoes so far — they are easy to grow, grow quickly, and the fruit tastes amazing.


I’ll also have the usual ready-to-eat pea shoots and sunflower greens at tomorrow’s market in Kalispell, Montana. Looking forward to a busy and productive season!

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