midsummer garden

I started seedlings later this year than last. Despite the later start, they seem to have caught up and are all doing well so far:

Super Sugar Snap peas

Graffiti Purple cauliflower

Mammoth Red Rock cabbage

Chiogga beets

Black Forest kabocha squash

Cayenne peppers

Gold Star summer squash

Flash collard greens

Rocambole garlics – Siberian Purple Stripe, Montana Giant, Russian Red

Toma Verde tomatillos

Waltham 29 broccoli

Romaine lettuce

Nasturtium, chilies (Hatch, chocolate & orange habanero, Traveler Jalapeno, Christmas Tree), tomatoes (Cherokee Purple, Climstar, Frederik, Kakao, Purple Bumblebee, Black Cherry) are also doing well so far. Dark Star Watermelon and Early Black and Black Beauty Eggplant starts didn’t make it in the main garden — both got eaten by pests soon after planting. The eggplants are doing well in containers, though. Royal Snow Peas are small, but coming along. Chard, carrots, spinach and other plants I direct-seeded are just starting to sprout. Looking forward to the first of fresh summer produce in the next couple weeks….

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